Our Services
Rebuilt Transmissions & Transaxles      
- Automatic & Manual     
- Domestic & Most Foreign 
*  Warranty on Automatic Rebuilds: 3 Years/100,000 Miles 
*  Warranty on Plow Truck Rebuilds: 2 Years/50,000 Miles
*  Warranty on Overhauls: 1 Year/12,000 Miles

Rebuilt Torque Converters

Rebuilt Transfer Cases
*  Warranty: 1 Year/12,000 Miles

Replace Manual Clutches
*  Warranty: 1 Year/12,000 Miles

Rebuilt Front & Rear Differentials
*  Warranty: 1 Year/12,000 Miles

Price means A LOT to everyone! How do you know you are getting what you are paying for!? We itemize our estimates showing a complete parts and labor break down...So you know EXACTLY what you are paying for! We do all our rebuilds with current updates. We also install system correction kits into our units to alleviate known failures! 

* NO CHARGE for Vehicle Test Drive or Diagnostic Electrical Scan! 
State-of-the-art Equipment​ - 
Dynadrome for Testing Automatic Transmissions & Transaxles​ 

Answermatic Machine for Testing Valve Bodies​​

Full Flush Transmission Services​

Drain & Refill: Transfer Case, Front & Rear Differentials & Manual Transmissions​​